Jason Didner’s album brings dinosaurs and superheroes to your loungeroom

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam are from New Jersey, and bring that tradition of Jersey Shore rock to its music for kids.

Bruce Springsteen is a Jersey native, so is Bon Jovi. With rock ‘n’ roll predecessors like those, bands from the Garden State have big boots to fill. Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam do their rock ‘n’ roll roots proud.

Started by husband and wife Jason and Amy Didner, the Jungle Gym Jam is full of fun, energetic tunes, and it’s just released a family beach rock album called the Lollipop Motel.


The Lollipop Motel celebrates family and summer, and gives us Southern Hemisphere-dwellers hope that we’ll see warm weather soon.

Day at the Beach is a ska inspired tune, complete with a horns section and a peppy syncopated beat. The Jersey beach and amusement park games in the lyrics could be St Kilda with its Luna Park looking over the ocean.

My Superpower is a pop rock song with a sweet message. Superheroes you know well and some you don’t make it into the lyrics, and each one’s super power is honoured for being special and unique. There’s Spiderman with his spidey senses, Wonder Woman with her noble toughness, and then there’s the singer whose superpower is kindness. Super strength is all well and good, but kindness is the most super of all of the powers.

Lollipop Motel teaches us a fun fact we never knew: the only known skeleton of the hadrosaurus was found in New Jersey. It was also the first full dinosaur skeleton to be discovered in North America. The story is irresistible to kids and to kids’ musicians, and the Jungle Gym Jam takes full advantage with its song Jersey Dinosaurs. During live shows, the Jersey dinosaur is said to join the band on stage, sharing dinosaur facts and doing what we’re sure is a scientifically accurate dinosaur dance.

Lollipop Motel is available online as a CD for $17, or digital download for $13. If you want to preview the tunes first, you can listen on Soundcloud.

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