Jan Eleni – truly personalised art


What a wonderfully unique idea! A collage of your child’s artwork
through the years – collated, miniaturised, and arranged to form one
framed artwork. Begin by collecting the colourful paintings and
drawings your child makes and
Jan Eleni, children’s decorator extraordinaire, will make
them into a lifelong keepsake – perfect for a 21st birthday gift!

Not only do they look absolutely stunning after being expertly put
together by combining like colours and themes in the artwork, they will
be something your child can carry through life and treasure, until passed to the next generation. It’s the ideal way to archive
sentimental art in a form that can be appreciated every single day
rather than filed away and looked at only intermittently.

Made to last a lifetime with archival quality inks, papers, adhesives
and matting, each artwork is presented
as a small tile amongst many others, drawing in the observer for a
closer look. I can imagine hovering over one of these for a long time,
taking in
every detail.

Of course the precious original artworks are returned to you upon
completion of the framed collage. The most popular size holds 112
mini artworks – more than enough for a whole showcase spanning many
years of daycare, school and home explorations in art! You don’t have
to keep every artwork they ever do – just make sure the best ones get a
permanent showing.

For more specific enquiries, shipping and ordering information, email
Jan Eleni.

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