Jack Rabbit headphone splitter – making shared listening easy

Let’s be real. Sharing isn’t often a strong point between kids and when you pass one iPad and one pair of headphones into the back seat of the car, the chances of  it working out well are slim. My own stretched and ruined headphones tell the same story. But no more!

For that reason alone, that being the safety of my headphones, the Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter from Suck UK makes it easy for kids to share listening to a device, enabling two separate headphones to connect into a single headphone jack.

The Jack Rabbit Splitter eliminating the need to impose on a sibling’s personal space, accidentally touch them, pull their’s out, fight over who’s having the left or right ear bud… all of that we’re familiar with from the front seat, gone. Sweet blissful silence.


The Suck UK Jack Rabbit Headphone Splitter, $29.95, is available from Hard To Find, who ship around Australia for free!



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