Jack n’ Jill went up the hill to fetch natural toothpaste

Jack n Jill

Natural toothpaste

We all know that kids will put just about anything in their mouths – except when it comes to brushing their teeth!

Well, wait until they wrap their laughing gear around this tasty range of natural toothpaste from Jack n’ Jill. This Melbourne-based, family company claims to make the safest and tastiest toothpaste on the market.

Natural toothpaste kids

We’ve tried innumerable ways to get our two-year-old son to brush his teeth for the required amount of time – including toothbrushes with flashing lights, electric toothbrushes and character toothpastes. But once he tried the Jack n’ Jill toothpaste, he was actually smacking his lips and looking for more! Anything that can keep my son brushing his teeth for more than a millisecond before my husband or I have to take over gets the tick of approval in my book!

Natural toothpaste

Now that we’ve established the toothpaste tastes pretty good, let’s have a look at why it’s so safe. It’s fluoride, sugar and preservative free, and is made with organic flavours and calendula. It comes in five organic flavours: banana, blueberry, strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry.

Natural toothbrush

Jack n’ Jill also make a unique range of toothbrushes, which are made from one hundred per cent cornstarch. This means not only are they safe for little mouths, they have very little impact on the environment, with the handle completely recyclable and compostable. Given that toothbrushes should be replaced every two months, it’s a thoughtful feature.

Jack n Jill organic kids toothpaste

One of the most surprising things about the range is the price. Generally, when something is approved as certified organic, the price rightly reflects the extra effort that’s gone into its manufacture. But at $5.85 for a 50g tube of Jack n’ Jill toothpaste, it’s a bargain. Particularly when you take into account how long a child’s tube of toothpaste lasts. The toothbrushes are $4.95 – a steal! There’s also a nifty silicone finger brush for $3.95 – my youngest, teething son is finding the dimpled side a wonderful relief on his gums.


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