It’s Home Birth Barbie!

She’s been an astronaut, a doctor, a teacher, a ballerina, a designer, even a race car driver. And she’s sashayed down more catwalks than anyone can count. Now everyone’s favourite fashion doll, Barbie, is having a home birth!

Photographer Katie Moore specialises in capturing the magic of birth on camera and this time she has turned her lens onto Barbie. The iconic doll is pictured in a series of typical birth scenes with her partner Ken, their daughter and a midwife. There’s Barbie’s belly shot, while other scenes include Ken helpfully massaging her back, a stint labouring in a bath, holding her newborn for the first time and finally, a family scene as Barbie breastfeeds the new arrival.



“Barbie is a strong woman. No matter what your opinion of her is, you cannot deny that she has done it all. In this day and age, I believe that Barbie would have educated herself on her birth options. This is what women today need to do. Whether a home birth or hospital birth, women need to start taking control of their own health and birth experience,” Katie told Inhabitots.



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Katie. We also agree with Katie’s sentiments that birth photography is a beautiful way of capturing a baby’s arrival into the world, both for the parents’ own memories and for the baby too once they are grown. Did you, or will you, have a birth photographer? Let us know in the comments below.

You can see more images from the Barbie Home Birth photo essay over at Katie’s blog. For more posts about Barbie, check our Barbie archives.

(via Inhabitots)

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