It’s a record, baby! Queensland mum gives birth to six kilogram infant

Imagine giving birth to a baby the size of a three-month-old. This is the equivalent to how much baby Jake McGuire weighed when he was born yesterday at Ipswich Hospital in Queensland, tipping the scales at 6.04 kilograms.

While he may only be one day old, Jake McGuire is already well above his weight class for newborns.  His birth weight when he arrived on Tuesday, 26 March, 2015 is one of the heaviest recorded in Queensland and he is officially the biggest baby on the hospital’s records. Here’s the not-so-little fella. Naw, look at those cheeks.

Jake McGuire

“It was very exhausting, so glad to have him out,”his mum, Nicole tells Nine News. “I had a feeling he was going to be a big boy – didn’t realise that big.”

Here’s another picture of baby Jake next to another more typically sized newborn in the hospital nursery. The little Queensland bruiser is the one on the right.


The average weight for a newborn is around the 3.35 kilogram mark while the world’s largest baby title belongs to Carmelina Fedele from Italy in September 1955 who weighed more than 10 kilograms when born.

How much did your children weigh at birth?

(via 9News)

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