It’s not a box


Kids love playing with cardboard boxes because their
imaginations can run riot. And it’s the same with the Och-o. This fabulously minimalistic
piece of furniture from New Zealand’s Grasshopper Design can be whatever you and
your children want it to be. Is it a toy? Is it a footrest? Is it a table? Is
it a chair? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

I like the way the Och-o’s interesting shape encourages kids
to interact in whichever way takes their fancy. They can curl up inside or stretch
out on top. They can stack a few together to make a fort or link them to make a
tunnel. Each piece has been upholstered with cushioning foam and soft-touch fabric
to keep little ones comfortable while lazing about. Even mums and dads can have
a go because the Och-o holds up to 100kgs.

But best of all, unlike all those cardboard boxes, the multifunctional
Och-o won’t leave your living room looking like a recycling bin ran amok. The
Och-o is available in four colours from Bebe Online for $499.95. Delivery is
free to most areas.


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