Inventor creates awesome eco-friendly, driveable car entirely from Lego


What could you do with half a million pieces of Lego and $20,000? A Romanian young-gun inventor managed to make an entire car, propelled by compressed air. Come and see it action…

Lego has got to be one of the ultimate imaginative-play toys. Kids manage to create all manner of brilliant miniature brick creations, which their imaginations bring to life. This incredible Lego car is the stuff children’s dreams are made of.


Created by young Romanian start-up owner and inventor Raul Oaida, this incredibly Lego car is testament to persistence, ingenuity and thinking outside the square – or brick.


The engine was created using 100,000 pieces of Lego, and is driven by compressed air pushing the pistons. It’s a great, emission-free technology. The car managed to go for 20 kilometres on its first test drive in Romania. Raul says although that doesn’t sound like much, “keep in mind, it’s a car made from Lego. It’s right about to fall apart at any moment”.


Raul is a shining example of determination, regardless of circumstance, “I’m a kid from a poor family in eastern Europe. Anyone on the street right now walking by… has a better chance of doing this than me. It’s about the willingness to do it.”

This project is about so much more than a Lego car. It’s about possibilities, making dreams into reality and creating a better world through sheer grit.

“It’s almost inconsequential what the car is physically. The Lego car is a physical token of what is possible in this world where we have all these people connecting together,” says Raul.

Take a look at the project below:

(via Upworthy)

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