Introducing the pricey preschool for adults (no, really!)


Why should kids have all the fun? That’s a rhetorical question, but this isn’t: would you spend upwards of $1000 to indulge in some finger painting, show and tell and snack time? There are plenty of New Yorkers doing just that, at a new adult preschool.


The brainchild (pardon the pun) of Michelle Joni, Preschool Mastermind is a Brooklyn-based concept, aimed at giving adults that same beautifully innocent preschool experience that they most likely already had when they were children. The elephant in the room is, why?


Michelle told Good Morning America that the class allows adults to tackle their real world problems by using the mind of their inner child. She actually described the experience as “magical”.


Adults can indulge in arts and crafts (including finger painting), show and tell, snack time, music, naps, lessons, games, make believe and a field trip. Fees are on a sliding scale, and start at US$333 up to US$999, and the classes are run from Michelle’s apartment, weekly for a month.


So, Babyologists, what do you think – is adult preschool a hit or a miss?


(via ABC News, images courtesy Barcroft Media)


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