Introduce little ones to the magic of live theatre with White and Rain

White Arts Centre Melbourne

Longing to make a return to the theatre but unsure how your children will handle this type of outing? Here’s your chance to test it out with ‘White’, a beautiful first time theatre experience set to light up the Art Centre Melbourne and delight your little ones.

If you are looking for a break from the regular routine of Play School concerts, then White is the perfect way to test their limits and introduce your children to a new cultural experience. Or, if you have a crawler on your hands, then scroll down to discover Rain, coming in April and designed for babies and their carers.

Babyology’s own Sally got a chance to review White on Friday with her daughter Eliza and it was definitely a playful and unique experience. The 35-minute show is designed for children ages two to four and will capture their imaginations all the while introducing them to the world of visual and performance art.

The story is easy for children to follow and the bright colours and beautifully designed characters are sure to grab their attention. The show takes children into a whimsical white world where two friends are in charge of a flock of birds and their eggs. But as they tackle their daily chores in the woods, they start to notice that their surroundings change. Bold reds, yellows and blues appear in the trees and their ordered, bright world is all of a sudden not so white.

Sally tells us the characters, Cotton and Winkle, had four-year-old Eliza (below) transfixed for the entire 35-minutes. The young audience sat on mats or small benches, so they were very close to the performance and were able to chat to the actors after the show as well as make their own colourful drawing.

“It was very clever,” Sally says. “The characters were absolutely brilliant and Eliza enjoyed it, especially the surprise burst of colour at the end. I really liked the gently message it gave to kids that it’s okay to be different or to like something different. I would absolutely recommend it for a first visit to the Arts Centre.”


The show, by Andy Manley for  internationally renowned company Catherine Wheels, was created to be the perfect introduction to live theatre just for for preschool aged kids. And there’s a very good reason to get them hooked on it. Arts Centre Melbourne Program Manager Emer Harrington says: “When children experience high-quality arts, it helps them to develop not only their own artistic skills and cultural understanding, but also encourages the development of their talents in other aspects of their lives.”

Have a younger bub crawling around? The Art Centre Melbourne has something especially lined up for you and your little one too. And you won’t have to wait long.  Rain, developed through the ArtPlay New Ideas Program, premieres in April.


Again, the focus is on creating a first-time theatre experience for babies and their parents. You will be immersed in a world full of surprise, delight and opportunities for connection through music, touch and performance. This one is especially for babies and crawlers.

White runs from 5-11 March, 2015, at the Playhouse Rehearsal Room and tickets are $20. Rain is on from 22-26 April, 2015, at the ANZ Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne and tickets are $30 for baby and carer.


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