Infant SOS – the clever car seat accessory stopping ‘forgotten child syndrome’ and saving kids from hot cars

It’s the ingenious invention designed to alert parents if they’ve forgotten a child in a car. And going one step further, the accessory can also help keep the child cool, until help arrives.

In Australia, thousands of children are left in scorching hot cars each year. According to Kidsafe Victoria, from September 2013 to the end of August 2014, paramedics rescued 1165 children left unattended in a car in Victoria alone. We’ve previously featured the sobering statistics, heartbreaking stories and warnings on the dangers of leaving children unattended in cars. It now seems there could be a preventative measure on the horizon.

A group of mechanical engineering students from Rice University in the US has been working on Infant SOS. It’s an accessory that can be fitted around a child’s car seat, and is able to sense if the child has been left in the seat unattended.


The sensors in Infant SOS can detect if a car has been parked with a baby still in the seat, and the device will light up and sound an alarm after 30 seconds. If the child remains in the seat after five minutes, the device will send up to 10 text message alerts to contacts that have been pre-programmed, which can include parents or emergency crews.

While this is impressive in itself, the students have gone a step further, creating a cooling system that will activate if it senses high temperatures, to ensure the child’s core temperature doesn’t escalate to a dangerous level. Take a look how it works below.

While Infant SOS is still in the prototype stage, it’s hoped future teams of university students will refine and develop it into something that can be marketed.

(via The Huffington Post)

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