The incredible reason people didn’t get mad when these babies began crying on a plane

Have you ever been that mum on a plane, the one with the baby who is screaming and won’t settle? Imagine if you were met with cheers instead of groans each time your child cried during the trip.

Sounds unlikely right? Well, a new ad from US airline JetBlue shows what a difference a smile can make to a travelling mum by offering an incentive for passengers to look at the situation with a new perspective. Take a look for yourself.

The ad opens with mums juggling their babies and explaining the stresses that come when travelling with a little one in tow.

They are all then among passengers who board Flight 213 from New York to Long Beach, California.


The look of dread and frustration on passengers faces upon seeing the babies as they settle into their seats soon shifts when a flight attendant makes an announcement.

“We all know when we fly with babies, and they cry on the plane, it can be hard on all of us,” she says.

“This will be the very first flight where crying babies is a good thing.

“Every time a baby on this plane cries, you will receive 25 percent off your next JetBlue flight. In other words, four cries is equivalent to a free round-trip ticket.”
The mood of the flight instantly seems to shift as passengers embrace the natural mood swings of their tiny travel mates.

And what happens next? Well, you’re just going to have to watch the video for yourself. Tell us, have you ever been made to feel bad for having a crying baby on a plane?

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