The incredible one-in-80,000 birth captured on camera

There’s nothing quite like the moment your child is born. Giving birth is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced – and if your baby is born still inside the intact amniotic sac, well, you’re not likely to experience that again. A woman having twins luckily had a photographer there to capture the amazing moment one of her children emerged en caul, because these photographs are remarkable.

When Texas photographer Leilani Rogers started taking snaps of a woman’s home birth, she was prepared for the arrival of twins. But when one was born inside the amniotic sac, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing through the lens.

So busy taking photos of the birth, at first Lelani didn’t even notice the baby in the ‘bubble’.

en caul

“There was a good size birth team, it was dark, the room was small, but I didn’t hesitate or take any time to worry about all that. I just went to work… and didn’t realise what I’d captured until after the birth,” Leilani tells Popsugar. “There was no time to see the amniotic sac with my own eyes.”

She managed to capture two photos of the second twin, still in the sac, which the midwife broke shortly after the birth. “In this case, she had to tear it with her hands, it was so strong,” says Leilani of the once-in-a-lifetime event.

en caul3

Typically during birth the amniotic sac breaks and fluid rushes out, known as breaking the waters. But in rare instances the caul can balloon out while remaining attached to the baby. Such deliveries are known to bring good luck to the newborn.

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(via Popsugar, images via Leilani Rogers)

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