These incredible doll houses are trendier than your actual house

dollhouse interiors are so detailed now

We’re in love with these stunningly modern dollhouse interiors, which look like something straight out of an IKEA catalogue. And while it seems the tiny furniture is made with kids in mind, we’ve got a sneaking suspicion the mums are having just as much fun!

It’s not hard to see why arranging tiny furniture is appealing for mums. At my place, the coffee table is artfully placed over the corner of the rug to hide the huge wine stain, and the once glossy kitchen bench now has fork marks jabbed into it.

So, to a tired mum whose work is never done, the idea of arranging ornaments in a teeny tiny version of your own home (and then closing the cupboard door so that the kids can’t mess it up) sounds like heaven!

A handful of boutique Instagram stores have sprung up over the last year or so, selling handmade pieces inspired by the Scandinavian look that’s so popular in homes right now.

These miniature dollhouse interiors have everything a little girl (or her mum!) could possibly want, from the trendiest nursery decor, to tiny iPod docks.

If only my lounge room looked this pretty. No wine stain on the carpet here!

This teeny tiny bedroom set comes complete with piles of throw pillows and a nesting bedside table set.

Not sure how much real work gets done here, but it sure is pretty!

Tiny shelves with even tinier ornaments… minimalism has taken the dollhouse world by storm, too. Marie Kondo would be proud!

Feast your eyes on this delightful girl’s nursery.

Okay, so this bathroom is so lovely, I kind of want to save this to my bathroom inspiration Pinterest board…

These tiny prints would probably be the size of a 10 cent coin!

Summery cactus artwork – check. Blonde wooden table top with white accented chairs – check. Succulents and fernery – check. Just wish this dining room was mine!

Are you as in love with the idea of these sweet dollhouses as we are?

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