Inaluxe – artwork that lasts beyond the nursery

modern art

modern art

Love the idea of artwork with the kind of longevity that could start out in your newborn’s nursery and still be enjoyed when they’re moving out of home? Not kidding – this is artwork that will seriously stand the test of time.

Inaluxe is perfect for those Babyologists who are decorating a nursery but aren’t looking for something obviously cutesy or childlike. The perfect addition to any modern space, be it in splashes of bold colour or mixed monochrome, the works of Inaluxe fit effortlessly into both the worlds of children and adults and suitable for all ages in between.

A beautiful blend of colour and pattern, many prints are open to interpretation and others, such as Superb Fairy Wren, are charmingly obvious. My favourite print, Composition I (priced from $35), would be as gorgeous in my ten-year-old daughter’s room as anywhere else in our home. Alpine ($35) is also stunning and a fabulous addition in one of my sons’ bedrooms.

Lovers of all things feathered will be delighted by the The Birds category – there are thirteen stunning prints to choose from!

Inaluxe is affordable art at its best, and great value for money considering your children won’t grow out of it. Prints start at $35. You can see the whole collection at Inaluxe.

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