In, out, on – schoolyard Elastics are back & fancier than ever!

Not to blow my own horn here Babyologists, but when it came to schoolyard games, elastics was a hands down favourite and one that I, frankly speaking, excelled in (ok that sound was indeed my own horn). If you’re of a similar vintage to myself, you will remember only too well the fun to be had with a length of elastic!

Hours were whiled away practicing jumping on, over and around a piece of elastic stretched between two kitchen chairs so I’m ecstatic that Skipping Pebbles are bringing the game of Elastics back into our schoolyards and backyards.

A lot fancier than back in my heyday, Skipping Pebbles Elastics are available in pink and red gingham with a pretty frill. Brush up on your game rules, technique and learn new ditties along the way with the helpful Skipping Pebbles game moves and rhymes page.

If you too are enthusiastic about elastic and want to relaunch this craze in your home, head on over to Skipping Pebbles to secure your Elastics at $17.95 with free delivery within Australia.

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