“I’m really excited” Mindy Kaling talks about her pregnancy and we’re all ears

mindy kaling

Media outlets went into meltdown when Mindy’s pregnancy was revealed, but the actor has been keen to keep the details to herself, until now. Not only has she officially confirmed a baby is on the way, she’s revealed a bit more about her own lovely mum.


We can’t say we blame The Mindy Project star for trying to spend the early part of her pregnancy avoiding scrutiny and relentless discussion of her mum-to-be status.

Intrusive media will report on every shape shift, snack and movement once they get the green light (and let’s face it, often without the green light). It must be super stressful at a time when the woman in question is possibly already overwhelmed with getting used to the whole baby on board thing.

Refusing to acknowledge her pregnancy publicly has certainly put a damper on the coverage, and slowed this predatory behaviour down, although it’s unclear if it’s actually taken any pressure off Mindy. (We hope it has!)

“A fun feeling”

It seems that now her pregnancy is a ways along, she’s ready to speak about it and control the narrative herself. She chatted to Sunday TODAY recently about the big changes that are afoot within.

The interview, which will be aired in early September, provided some insight into how Mindy’s prepping for her new mum role.

“[I’m] really excited. It’s so unknown to me,” Mindy told Today. “I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life, and this is one where I’m like, ‘OK, it’s out of my hands,’ which is kind of a fun feeling.”

Anyone who’s grown a baby will know this runaway rollercoaster feeling well. (Or sometimes it feels like that scene in Alien. You know the one.)


Open season

Mindy told interviewer Willie Geist she was excited to join the ranks of judge-y parents at long last.

“It’s so easy to criticize parenting until you’re a parent, so one of the nice things about becoming a parent is that I’ll be able to openly criticize other parenting because I will have a child,” she quipped.

It’s obvious that becoming a mum also has Mindy re-examining her relationship with her own parents. Her “best friend” mum is coming up absolute trumps. 

“My mom was incredibly fierce and so devoted to us, just loved us and really wanted us to be happy no matter what we did,” Mindy said.

Mindy noted that while her comedy career seemed unconventional to her mother, she felt fully supported and was super grateful for her love, encouragement and acceptance.

“My career choice was not something that she was familiar with and she was just so supportive of that. And if I could give that to my child, just that open-mindedness, I’d be so happy.”

So nice to hear more about Mindy, straight from the source. Her mum sounds awesome, right?!

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