“I’m glad you can’t knock me up!” Mum bakes sperm cake to celebrate vasectomy

Vasectomy Cake by Amber Cole

When Amber Cole’s hubby had a much-anticipated vasectomy, the mum-of-three simply could not contain her excitement, busting out a celebratory, sperm-emblazoned cake to mark the occasion. Oh hurrah!

Someone's not as excited about his "procedure" tomorrow, as I am! Also, it's so very hard to write with frosting!!…

Posted by Amber Cole on Monday, 11 September 2017

“Take one for the team”

Amber is a mum of three beautiful boys. She told Babble that after having three c-sections – and trying for a girl two of those times – she was ready to tap out of the whole having babies caper, once and for all.

“We have three boys and we always get the question ‘Will you try for a girl? and my answer is always ‘We did, twice!'”

“Truly, we are thankful for the three little dudes we have and decided we are done having children. I needed a c-section with each baby, so we decided it was my husband’s turn to take one for the team.”

To be honest, this seems totally fair. For one, you can’t just keep plugging away, so to speak, in the hope of conceiving a girl. And also, women turn themselves inside out to grow and birth babies. We one hundred percent support Amber calling on her husband to surgically sub her out of reproductive hijinks, permanently.

Amber Cole vasectomy cake

Vasectomy Eve

Amber, who admits she might be more cake fail than cake nail, baked a cake to mark the occasion, uploading images of it to Facebook – and excitedly revealing it was Vasectomy Eve. You’ll notice it features the deathly sperm of doom atop it’s icy surface. So symbolic. #deep

“Someone’s not as excited about his ‘procedure’ tomorrow, as I am!” Amber wrote alongside her Facebook pics, featuring the wonkily-lettered but “A”-for-effort cake. 

“Also, it’s so very hard to write with frosting!! Celebrating with cake! Three boys are our limit! If anyone wanted to have a baby by my husband, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Apparently nobody made reproductive overtures in response, so it was full snip ahead for this worried dad.

Amber Cole and husband

Amber Cole facebook comment

“He’s doing great!”

Post-procedure updates were in a similar, jubilant vein, with Amber sharing pain relief techniques (think CORN and a delightful pill-shaped oxycodone cocktail!), unexpected budgeting tips – and many relief-tinged exclamation marks! 

There is no further word yet on how her husband’s nether regions are, now that we’re a little ways down the track, but considering Amber’s triple c-section score he’s got some catching up to do.

Here’s hoping he makes a speedy recovery!

(Does anybody else really want cake now?)

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