The Ikoo Brush – the scream and pain-free way to brush kids’ hair

Little kid hair is so fine, so silky, so incredibly tangly. Every morning can be a battle against the brush, trying to tame those untameable snarls. It’s enough to make you want to give your daughter a pixie cut.

Please put the scissors down. The magical Ikoo Brush will make even the knottiest of kid locks lustrous and smooth.

Ikoo home brush Through a feat of innovation that it calls bristle architecture, Ikoo’s graduated length bristles fit the curve of your little one’s head while gently coaxing out knots. It’s an odd shape for a brush – oblong and arched with no handle – but it’s designed that way so that it gives a lovely head massage while you’re brushing.

Ikoo home brush side 2

If you’ve ever had acupuncture before, you’ll know there are all kinds of pressure points in the scalp. Ikoo’s design gives a nod to traditional Chinese medicine, activating pressure points along the scalp and making hair brushing like a wellness treatment for kids.

And even if she doesn’t notice the waves of calm washing over her, the morning hair routine is bound to involve a lot less yelping. Maybe she’ll even let you do French braids.


Ikoo’s brushes come in a large size for home ($39.95), or pocket sized ($39.95) with a cover to pop in your purse for detangling on the go.  There are plenty of colours to choose from. The Metallic Collection comes in Cherry, Rose Gold, Gold, Pacific Blue, Mirror Silver, Black and White.

Ikoo brushes in the Classic and Metallic collections are available online at Direct Hair and Beauty Supplies and shipping in Australia is $12.95.

(This is a sponsored post for Direct Hair and Beauty Supplies)

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