Ikea’s game-changing new app lets you preview furniture in your own home

Ikea living room

With Apple’s latest iOs update came the ability to run fancy new augmented reality apps on our iPhones, and Ikea is leading the charge with this amazing “try before you buy” app.

Try before you buy

Not only does this app allow you to transport the Ikea range – in 3D and true-to-scale form – into your own home. You can move things around the room, zoom in and basically decorate like a cashed-up pro, without leaving the comfort of your own lounge room!

Of course, you’ll still want to eventually head in store, so you can get a better idea of how colours, finishes and fabric choices might feel and look to the naked eye, but there’s something pretty smashing about being able to narrow down your choices before you hit the road, right?! 

Ikea Place App

Ikea Place app

Stop wondering and start doing

Ikea says their game-changing app features “everything from sofas and armchairs to footstools and coffee tables” and aims to give customers “an accurate impression of the furniture’s size, design and functionality in your home.” They hope this clever creation will make the abstract a reality and encourage customers to “stop wondering and start doing” (and presumably start spending too).

Ikea Place (currently only available in the US) seems pretty easy to use, although early reviews report a few minor glitches which they’re attributing to the new technology and iOs.

US tech site Mashable tried it out and glimpsed how useful it could be when it comes to choosing the right pieces for your home… from the comfort of your own home!

“While not quite perfect yet — it doesn’t have Ikea’s entire catalog, and searching for specific items could be smoother — it eases the challenge of visualizing how a particular couch or table or dresser will look in your house well before you have to go to the store,” Mashable’s Karissa Bell said.

Drag, drop, shop

Here’s how Ikea Place works:

  • Scan the floor with your smart phone.
  • Browse the list of products available.
  • Select a product that you want to place.
  • Point your iPhone or iPad at an open space in the room.
  • Drag and drop the product into the space you see fit.

Apparently there’s options to share your mocked-up pics straight to social media, which could make for some amazing hashtags and a whole new genre of un-real, aspirational pics on Instagram.

This is the future, for homewares stores, we think. The app is currently available in the US only, but it’s just a matter of time before it’s adapted for Australian customers. 

Is this something you’re keen to try? Can you imagine shopping for furniture like this?

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