Ikea Knäppa camera – shoot and share the PS 2012 collection

Ikea PS 2012 collection digital camera

Ikea PS 2012 collection digital camera

Every three years, Ikea releases a designer collection called Ikea PS and the 2012 range was recently announced, taking its inspiration from sixty years of Ikea products.The most surprising is Ikea’s foray into electronics. We showed you the new Uppaleva integrated entertainment system and now it looks like Ikea are moving into consumer photography!

It’s the Knäppa camera, which will be given to customers who purchase furniture pieces from the Ikea PS 2012 collection in select stores only. The idea is that they go home, snap a photo of the furniture in situ and post it on a dedicated website to show the world. A great concept! I love the idea of taking a sneak peek into the homes of people all over the world – I’m one of those people who loves to go for walks at dusk in summer just to take a look into all the open front doors to see what they’ve done with their homes. Oh dear I think I just outed myself; yes I’m a design tragic!

While it’s true you need an ultra-steady hand and bright light to take reasonable photos, we think it heralds a sign of things to come for this global decor giant. Watch this space (and the video below!)

(via Cool Hunting)

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