Identical quadruplets light up the forest in woodland-themed newborn shoot

If there ever was a sweeter set of bears in the woods, then we have yet to see it.

Come and see all the adorable shots from the Webb quadruplets woodland-inspired photo shoot and relive their rare birth story.

Yesterday we showed you how not to stage a newborn photo shoot (if you missed it, we recommend you take a look. Immediately.). Today we’re found a newborn shoot that shines with eloquence and grace.

This, mums and dads, is what newborn photography should look like.

webb babies

We first introduced you to identical quadruplets Abigail, Mckayla, Grace and Emily Webb two months ago when the little girls were first born. Having multiples is rare enough; but having identical multiples is considered to happen only once in every 200 million births.

The gals were conceived without the help of fertility drugs or any intervention from reproductive technology, and, according to the photographer behind the incredible images, “only 70 sets are known to currently exist in the entire 7.4 billion population”.

Born at 33 weeks on 6 May 2016, the girls are all healthy, growing and doing well. First-time parents, Tim and Bethani Webb have brought the girls back to their home in Alberta, Canada and are getting into the swing of things.

webb babies 5

Naturally, the incredibly birth of these sweet little girls is worth celebrating and what better way to share in their sweetness than a woodland-themed photo shoot by Cassandra Jones at Noelle Mirabella Photographycomplete with floral, fauna, fern and four flowered-princesses.

web babies 2

With flowers in the background, the girls are the picture of perfection as they are dressed in an assortment of matching white outfits, including bear and bunny ears.

Cassandra also managed to find a beautifully shaped stump which happened to fit all four girls.

web babies 4

Impressively, the four sisters remained asleep the entire shoot!

“The girls were all amazing. There were absolutely no tears,” Cassandra tells Today Parents. “In fact, they did not even raise an eyelid.”


Even with such a cooperative bunch of babies. it took a huge team to pull it off. Cassandra reveals she called on all her photographer friends to help – Motherhood Photography, Katie Dalgleish Photography, Pure Aisling Photography and Emma Halling – as well as Knits By Lou and Little Lidz for the outfits. Remember that next time your own DIY baby shoot falls apart!

Cassandra also tells Today Parents that it was next-to-impossible to tell the girls apart during the shoot. Even mum Bethani admits that she has trouble too – they are identical, after all.

The clever couple pierced their daughters’ ears with different coloured sets of earrings – Abby has blue, Emily has purple, Grace has red and Mckayla has pink – to help tell them apart.

We feature plenty of newborn photography, including this adorable quintuplet photo shoot, but this one is certainly one of our favourites! We are looking forward to a photo recreation in a few years, like this family of sextuplets did with their babies.

(via Today Parents)

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