I want candy


Lego. It’s fun, it’s creative and it can keep almost any kid out of mischief for hours. Which makes it my pick for parental sanity-saver of the century. But despite the best efforts of thousands of preschoolers and their even smaller siblings, Lego has never ever been edible. Until now.

Hot on the heels of Babyology unveiling Lego your kids can tote and Lego they can wear comes the ultimate how-to guide to creating mouth wateringly edible Lego. It’s just like gummy bears, only better, because it’s Lego.

Instructables have laid out detailed step-by-step instructions for creating a silicone mould using real Lego as well as a recipe for the delicious gummies so you’ll be churning out your own lollies just like Willy Wonka on a good day.

Of course, we only recommend giving this a go if your kids are old enough — and sensible enough — to tell the difference between the Lego bricks that will give them a sugar rush and the bricks that will just leave them with a stomach ache.

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