Blake Lively says toddler Ines “came out of the womb a little foodie”

Blake Lively

Blake Lively has recently confirmed that her daughter is a fully-fledged dream child. Not only was she born incredibly hungry, she’s not picky about what she snacks on, at all! 

“A little foodie”

In addition to this, little Ines is an excellent sleeper and yes it’s perfectly okay to bang your broken-sleep-suffering head on the desk right now in blind jealousy. One minute’s silence, if that’s you.

The delightful Blake is mum to two little girls – one-year-old Ines and two-year-old James. She’s also married to Twitter larrikin and Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. Blake popped up on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan and it was there that she spilled the foodie beans on daughter Ines’ eating habits.

“She just turned one,” Blake said, going on to confirm that – for her – baby number two is much easier. “I think you’re more relaxed as a parent.”

“She’s so divine,” she said of Ines.

“She came out of the womb just like a little foodie,” Blake revealed, explaining that Ines is a gastronomic adventurer, willing to sample a multitude of delicious snacks. “We’re always like ‘What’s your signature special?’ Because she’s always reaching for just anything.”

She’s not counting her (roast) chickens though, fully expecting that things may change down the track. “They hit, like three, and they’ll only eat beige foods,” Blake predicts.

“Birthday steak”

It’s not the first time Blake’s discussed her toddler daughter’s foodie leanings. Just a little while ago she revealed Ines was more into steak than birthday cake, recounting a particularly bloody birthday!

“I made a Cookie Monster cake, you shove like cookies in his mouth and they crumble. [Ines] just looked at it and reached for a steak. She had birthday steak,” Blake recalled, saying “she’s hamfisting two steaks. I’ve given birth to a baby viking. She’s a white walker. I washed her shirt [later] and her sleeves were dripping in blood from the steak.”

“I want a chef baby”

Blake explains that these foodie leanings have prompted her to make some firm plans for Ines’ vocational future.

“I’m like the parent of an Olympian except I want a chef baby. So I’m like Ratatouille with the baby all the time.”

She’s painting herself as a sort of beachy-blonde version of Auguste Gusteau – the Italian ghost in the animated movie Ratatouille who inspires rat Remy to live his chef-y dreams.

Blake’s not the only one who’s kind of obsessed with Ratatouille. Ines is apparently a fervent Remy fan, even spotting her hero in a (rodent-friendly?) Paris cafe.

“Normally you’d be quite mortified,” Blake says, but Ines cried “Remy!” smiling excitedly with outstretched arms, when she glimpsed the ratty guest.

Let’s revisit the animated Frenchie pair, in honour of Blake and her foodie poppet …

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