I Love My Babycinos – literature for the smallest of the cafe set


Last year, when I was pregnant with my second child, I asked my son, “Would you like a baby sister or brother?” He replied, “No, I want a babycino!” When the laughter subsided, I took him up to our favourite cafe, and with babycino in hand, we had the conversation again, and this time, he was much more amenable to the thought of a sibling.

It’s true, most kids are obsessed with babycinos. Warm, milky, frothy goodness in a tiny cup perfect for little hands, and often accompanied
by a marshmallow treat. The light sprinkle of chocolate on top adds visual dimension and flavour – it’s no wonder they’re such a hit with the pint-sized cafe set.

Now you can combine their love of babycinos with literature! Due for release on the 8th of August, ‘I Love my Babycinos’ by Melbourne author Katrina Thomson goes through the days of the week and all the different babycinos one can have. One a day takes care of a dairy serve, gives you some time out for coffee and if you bring the book along with you, the ability to compare and contrast babycinos at different establishments. It’s a boardbook, so spills aren’t a problem.

This isn’t any ordinary book launch either. The fabulous website has just gone live, and there’s a whole array of things to do there. Download your invite to the offical book launch in Melbourne, print off a copy of the colouring competition sheet for your child to complete, and you could be in the running for a host of brilliant prizes.

You can also upload a picture of your child enjoying a babycino – I see there’s already one taken at my favourite cafe! I’ll have to dig out that old picture of my eldest having his first ever babycino there. You can find out which cafes provide free babycinos, who charges, and what edible delights are provided, if any.

Order your copy of ‘I Love my Babycinos’ for $9.95 plus post! Also check out the doll, onesies and bibs!


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