Hushamok baby hammock for perfect newborn sleep

baby hammock

My newborn daughter has a big fat case of third-child syndrome. Among other things, it means there’s no time during the day to just sit for hours and gaze at her in wonder as she sleeps in my arms, caught in our own little world, as I did when our first baby arrived. So thank goodness for Hushamok.

This organic cotton baby hammock has been a godsend, gently rocking and settling my daughter with inexplicable ease while I get on with the other business that comes with being a mum-of-three. Things like making lunches and dinners, tying shoelaces and brushing out knots. Not to mention baths, cuddles and bedtime stories.

So while I sometimes have to let my Audrey cry while I tend to her two sisters (first-time parents are probably shaking their heads in horror at this confession, while parents of two or more are nodding their agreement instead!), the Hushamok means she doesn’t cry for long. See, here she is sleeping like a baby!

That’s not to say this beauty is just for babies with older siblings. The hammock itself is designed to be like a womb for newborns, cradling them in familiar comfort, while the natural swinging motion helps put baby to sleep and keeps them asleep for longer. The careful design of the hammock allows baby’s head to be slightly elevated, a boon for little ones with reflux and colic. It can be used until baby is six months.

I have the Okoa Stand (below), made from European beechwood in a natural finish. Paired with the simplicity of the hammock itself, it makes a beautiful statement in our downstairs living area. I use it for all Audrey’s daytime sleeps – and into the early evening too – as it is easily moveable from the kitchen to my office to the bathroom or wherever else I may be.

The organic baby hammock is $642 with the beechwood Okoa Stand or $552 with the brushed aluminium Dream Strand. Both packages include a hammock mattress and two organic sheets. Want one for your baby? It’s your lucky day because Babyology readers can save five per cent and get free shipping to anywhere in Australia with the code BABY5. This offer is valid until 31 December, 2012.

baby hammock

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