How to shop on Etsy

hand crocheted hats for newborn

hand crocheted hats for newborn

We’re such Etsy addicts and we bring you so many Etsy finds each week – from the darling to the delightful to the different – that sometimes we forget not everyone is quite so savvy when it comes to negotiating the world’s most wonderful handcrafted marketplace. So here’s our essential guide to shopping, Etsy style.


There are thousands upon thousands of sellers on Etsy, offering all sorts of beautiful things you need and plenty more besides. Because of that, it’s very, very easy to get lost in the Etsy maze. Our Babyology Facebook page showcases a different Etsy find each day to help you find your way. You’ll find plenty of Etsy love too on our regular Babyology site, like this recent feature on seller KaPowKids.


Now, snapping up some of those Etsy finds for yourself is as easy as clicking on the links in each post. Every Babyology post about an Etsy item will always include Etsy store links so you can easily find and buy the item for yourself. In this post, for example, the link will take you straight to KaPowKids’ Etsy store, where you can browse all the items they have for sale until something catches your eye. Perhaps it’s the way-cool onesie that we wrote about. Simply click on the item and Etsy will take you to another page in the store that’s just for that item. From here, it’s really easy to decipher all the other things you need to know.


See the information contained in the green-bordered box above? That’s like a key to Etsy. It tells you details including what the item is, how much it costs, what other buyers thought of it and whether it can be posted to your corner of the world. You can also contact the seller here to ask a question – perhaps you want to double-check about postage or you’re not sure about the size or the colour.

Now look directly under the photograph of the item on the page. See the bit in blue that says Shipping & Policies? This is where you should click to find out what the postage charges will be and any other important conditions of sale, including what to do if the item doesn’t fit or if you change your mind. All that’s left is to add the item to your cart and you’re away.


Easy-peasy, isn’t it? You can shop more than one seller at a time too and the clever computerised Etsy checkout will sort the various goods into separate shopping carts for you so that you can finalise your purchases with each individual seller at the end of your shopping session, no matter how long you spend browsing. And trust us, you’ll spend an awful long time browsing!

Once you get the hang of it, you might like to do some exploring of your own. Etsy make it easy – there’s an entire section devoted to all things kids – costumes, hats, shoes, bibs, rattles, cot bedding, cuddle toys, mobiles. You name it, Etsy has it. We also have an Etsy archive of our own, where you can lose yourself in all our previous Etsy favourite finds.

So there you have it. The complete and rather easy guide to shopping on Etsy. Feel free now to go forth and shop. And hands up if your first point of call will be to Etsy store Hugaroos for one or two of those gorgeous newborn caps we teased you with at the top of our post? Yep, thought so…

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