How Kinder Surprise eggs & cheap toys are making millions for this mystery woman

She’s been dubbed the toddler whisperer. She’s been called the toy collector. And she’s rumoured to be the highest paid person on YouTube. But who is she? And just what in the world is she doing to entrance child around the world?


There are plenty of YouTubers out there making big bucks by filming their everyday lives or offering useful advice to the audience. And then there is Disney Collector BR.

Disney Collector BR is an anonymous Brazilian woman who opens up toys – the BR, according to some, stands for Brazil but she also goes by the name Fun Toyz Collector. While she pulls apart play dough, unwraps Kinder Surprise toys and plays with small figurines of our children’s favourite television and movie characters, she gives a running commentary.

And, according to the Daily Mail, she made an incredible $5 million last year doing it.

We know what you’re thinking.


That’s what I was thinking too. But if your kids haven’t discovered the YouTube channel, Disney Collector BR, then I dare you to give it a try and see what happens. We’ve selected a short and sweet one to get you started.

My kids, who normally cannot sit still in the same room for more than 30 seconds without fighting, crying or breaking something, watched happily together for at least 25 minutes before I blinked out of the toy trance and realised what was happening. They would have cheerfully sat there for hours watching Disney Collector play with her toys.

I can’t figure it out. What is it about Disney Collector that children love?

It is the soothing voice?

Is it the element of surprise?

Is it the colourful nail art?

Is it the chocolate? (Which she is completely wasting, by the way. I’d be happy to eat that for her if she’s just going to toss it aside.)


Whatever it is, Disney Collector is on to something.  In 2014 she was the highest YouTube earner with an estimated $5 million per year. However, since then, her ratings have skyrocketed, with suggestions her annual pay cheque is now around $14 million.

How is she making this kind of money? The secret is in the ad placements at the start of the video. While YouTube will collect a percentage of the ad revenue, Disney Collector BR is making thousands of dollars for every million views of her video.

With more than five million subscribers and seven billion views in less than five years… let’s just say those Kinder Surprise eggs are certainly paying for themselves.

(via Daily Mail)

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