How can busy mums ditch the guilt and take time out? We have the answer!

If you barely have time to drink a cuppa while it’s still hot, you probably think there’s no way you could possibly make time to exercise or take care of yourself. During our recent live chat with Jaye Hoelscher, program manager at the Golden Door Health Retreat and Spa Elysia, we were given some great tips about how to take time out from our busy lives. If you missed it, here are Jaye’s brilliant ideas for making time for yourself, when you think you have no time!

Blink and before you know it, another year has gone by. The kids are older, work gets busier, the washing continues to pile up – and you haven’t surfaced for air. Life will continue to get busier, but unless we make time to strike a balance, the scales can easily tip towards burn out. One of the biggest millstones around the necks of mums is the guilt associated with taking time out. We feel we need to be all things to all people. Jaye spends her days addressing these very feelings among the many mums who have taken steps to take care of themselves, by attending Golden Door.

How do I find the time to take care of myself without feeling guilty?

Well that’s a tough one! One that I think many parents out there can relate to. Self care is so important and something that we need to consider as a priority, not something to feel guilty about. When we are taking good quality care of our physical and emotional health, we are much better equipped to look after everyone else who needs us. It’s really important to communicate with our partners and our families/support networks what we need. This may seem difficult at first, but communication is crucial – when we are able to verbalise our needs, we are saying we value ourselves enough to take the time.

Do you have any tips on quick effective exercises for a busy mum?

It’s amazing what you can get done in five minutes! You don’t have to go on an hour long walk or to the gym to make a difference – in between all the running around at home you can fit in some simple and really effective body weight exercises. Think push-ups, squats and lunges in the lounge room for some good resistance; think skipping and running on the spot with high knees for short sharp bursts of higher intensity cardio work. Never underestimate a spare five minutes.

How important is sleep for our health?

Very! Super critical for healthy brain function and emotional health. Understandably, new mums and dads may not be getting the same type of sleep that they are used to and this is where supporting one another is really powerful. According to one of Golden Door’s sleep experts, David Cunnington, if you are having trouble switching off and getting to sleep, make relaxation the goal – not sleep. By that he means create a sleep-worthy environment, switch off gadgets and technology and try some relaxation and breathing techniques. This will allow the body and the mind to relax without too much pressure of sleeping being the outcome.

I have three children under the age of five, a husband who works crazy hours and no family support close by. How do I find time for myself?

Again, it’s really important to communicate with your husband how important it is for you both to make some time in the crazy schedule for YOU. Thinking laterally around time management will help – sometimes we fall into the trap of saying, “It’s all too hard, we are too busy”, to stop and review our family/life balance. It may mean that one evening a week when hubby comes home from work he takes over for 30 mins and you go and do something – anything – for yourself. Communicating this and agreeing mutually on a time frame that can work will ensure you are both on the same page. And remember, it won’t always work and that is ok. Don’t let that be a road block; stay flexible and don’t give up.

What tips do you have to build habits re: time out and exercises? I find I’m good at sporadic attempts but then life, work, kids tend to take over and I lose momentum!

When we are looking at the big picture, sometimes it all gets a bit overwhelming which is why we suggest baby steps. When setting goals for yourself, it’s important to be realistic, so perhaps find one activity that you can do each week. For example, Monday morning at 7.30am, I’m going to run around the block: rain, hail or shine. Choose one activity and time that you can make work for you and build from there. It might be a good idea for you to write some goals down or talk to your friends or family about your plans to help keep you on track. When you are talking to people about what you want to achieve, it can help build a good support network for you.

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