Homestar Spa Planetarium – a cosmos in your bathroom


Fancy a window to the cosmos in your very own bathroom? Project the
wonderment of the universe onto your walls and bathtub with this
Homestar Spa Planetarium from Sega Toys, a Saturn-esque globe
that’s watertight
and perfectly shaped for floating beside you in the bath.
If space isn’t your thing, then lie back and appreciate the rose petal
and deep sea settings.

Mini projectors such as the
Homestar Pure Mini Planetarium
various incarnations
have been thrilling people
in their lounge rooms for years, and now the product range has expanded
so you can have the night’s sky in every room in the
house. My kids would undoubtedly be transfixed by these neat machines,
and it would certainly be great for calming down those
overtired kids at bathtime. Mine tend to ramp up in the bath just when
they should be winding down, so I’ll be watching keenly for
the release of the planetariums. They’ll be launched later
this month at the Tokyo Toy Show. The word is that it’ll cost around
7000 yen, or around AUD$70.

(via Tokyo Mango)


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