Home-made icy poles are outta this world!


In an age where we are all concerned about what goes into our children’s food, the only real way to ensure its free of artificial colours and flavours is to make it yourself. As such, the popularity of icy pole moulds has come full circle – I still remember the chocolate milk ones mum use to make for me as a kid!  Back in my day (I am old enough now to start sounding like my parents – frightening!) the moulds were made of cheap plastic that seems to split after too many weeks in the freezer. Nowadays, the products while looking much the same, is of better quality and comes in a variety of designs.

have 3 types, Shooting Star, Rocket pop and Groovy Pop in funky retro design that also shape the icy pole mould. What makes these different is that instead of just the 2 parts in most mould sets – the stick and 1 piece mould, Tovolo Pop Moulds come in 3, the designer stick, the mould and the tray that all 6 moulds sit on for freezing. So, instead of having to run the whole tray under the hot top to get out just one ice-block, the tray system allows you to take out one at a time, remove the mould cover and eat. When finished just fill up the individual moulds again and put back in the tray. A healthy summer treat, you could try freezing fruit smoothies, juices, yoghurt or milky concoctions – great fun for the kids to do themselves.

The Tovolo Shooting Star mould is available online at Peters of Kensington for $12 or if you are Syney based pop into their retail shop.

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