Historical photos prove that the rules of childhood haven’t changed much at all

history 14

Some things never change. And these incredible photos of children from around the world, taken in the 1920s to 1970s, are all the proof we need. Turns out, kids back then were just as adorable, just as adventurous and just as cheeky as our kids today. Travel back in time with us via this stunning collection of children photography from the past.

Do you agree that there is something uncannily familiar about these photos?

Even back then, water was one of the purest and most joyous things on earth.

History 2

Girl enjoying water, 1949

And there was nothing quite like performing to a crowd.

History 1

Girl dancing in front of her teddy bear, Paris, 1961

Dogs have always been a (little) man’s best friend.

history 15

Best friends, date unknown

And a little lady’s too for that matter.

history 13

Girl kissing a puppy, 1950

Clothes were (and still are) overrated. There is nothing quite as liberating as letting it all hang out. Let it go kid, let it go.

history 6

The Little Marilyn, Paris, 1975

The world was their playground and remains so today.

history 7

Two girls swing on a lamppost, Manchester, 1965

And ‘danger’ is still nothing but a six letter word.

history 8

Umbrella leap, 1963

After all, rules have always been made to be broken.

history 16

Russian children playing on abandoned German artillery after the Battle of Stalingrad, date unknown

Even back then, reading was the foundation of success.

history 5

Girl reading Ebony magazine, Chicago, 1947

And learning to drive was a milestone every child couldn’t wait to reach.

history 4

Girl in New York, 1947

Like today, saying goodbye to Dad was tough. Whether marching to war or to the airport for a shift at the mines, the sadness is the same

history 9

Wait for me Daddy, New Westminster, Canada, 1940s

Even back then, technology kept us closer than we ever thought possible.

history 3

Girl in Japan, 1958

 And music was the key to happiness. 

history 12

Young musician, 1920s

But nothing in the world compared to the love for a first true friend.

history 11

The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, 1927

Except perhaps a pet.

history 17

Happy French girl and her pet, 1959

We can learn a lot from old photos.  Do you think childhood has changed that much over the past 100 years? Check out these beautiful vintage photos of motherhood for even more inspiring images from the past.

(via Bored Panda)


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