Hilariously inaccurate parenting stock photos we can’t help but share

Stock photos are everywhere. You cannot browse online without coming across them. And, one of our jobs at Babyology is to select stock photos to go with some of our stories. What this means is that we get the benefit of perusing through thousands of images. And some of the ones we have stumbled across in our daily search have left us lost for words.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to what parenting really looks like, according to stock imagery. Be prepared to cringe.

This is what happened when we searched these popular terms (we can’t make this stuff up):

Family Christmas

stock photo awesomness 8

Because, clearly this is what Christmas looks like in your household too, right?


stock photo awesomeness1

I am sure all pregnant women will agree that the standard lounging-naked-draped-in-a-fur-coat is a must for the family photo wall.


stock photo awesomeness2

White carpet. White couch. Three boys. Not a single smear, smudge or speck of dirt. Yah huh.


stock photo awesomness 11

That time when being in labour was so happy you wanted to stop and take a smiling photo with the nurse. Never mind the contractions, the sweat dripping off you and the gooey mess between your legs…


stock photo awesomeness 9

I actually don’t even know where to begin with this one…

Pregnant couple

stock photo awesomeness 12

Yet, searching, “Pregnant couple with a man’s creepy head coming out of mum’s belly,” ironically, did not bring up this photo.


stock photo awesomeness 10

Because we all do our washing topless. And using the baby as a peg collector.

New mum

stock photo awesomenss 13

Yes. This is exactly what I looked like after having a baby. But my nails were painted black, to match the dark circles under my eyes from not sleeping for 72 hours straight.

New dad


Don’t worry Dads, we know this one is completely ridiculous. No one wears flannel any more anyway…


stock photo awesomness 4

At least this one is somewhat accurate…


awesome stock photo 14

To instil fear in every single parent who has been blessed with twins.


stock photo fails

How come I can’t remember a rose petal crown and silky garments at the beach when I was pregnant? All I remember is nightly leg cramps, nearly peeing my pants anytime I sneezed and hating my husband.

Work from home

stock photo awesomness 6


Want to see what parenting really looks like? Here are a few slightly more accurate photo series to browse through:

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