The hilarious video that shows how to tell if your kids are lying

Jimmy Kimmel lie

There comes a time in every kids’ life where they learn to tell fibs. Big ones, little ones, the obvious and the not so obvious. But how can a parent tell if a child is lying? Here’s one very clever way to catch the kids out.

US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to his routines and his Lie Detector segment definitely pushes all the right (or wrong) buttons. Watch what happens when Kimmel sets up seven-year-old Blake to a fake lie detector test. How would your child handle it?

Kimmel poses as Officer Jimmy with his rather frightening side kick the Truth Fairy to uncover the “truth” about whether Blake pees in the swimming pool, hates puppies and what ‘bad’ things his mother does. By the end of the test Kimmel can barely contain his laughter and Blake has revealed some pretty hilarious facts about what goes on at his home.

Kimmel has put a few other adorable children through the Lie Detector segment. It’s amazing what they reveal when faced with a few wires attached to a noodle strainer. Perhaps crafting up your own lie detection device should be on your list of DIY projects this weekend?

What’s the funniest lie your child has told you?

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