The hilarious video that shows why it’s impossible to have an adult conversation with kids around

We’ve all been there. You sit down with your partner in an attempt to discuss something extremely important and are interrupted, countless times, by your kids.

If you can’t actually remember the last time you were able to have a full conversation with your spouse, then you will definitely be able to relate to this video which documents real conversation attempts between a husband and wife, but with one slight twist.

Coco Harrison-Clarke and Shephard Harrison-Clarke are your typical five and three-year-olds kids who hate dragons (except baby dragons), enjoy showing off their butts (seriously, what is with this???) and thrive on ruining any alone time their parents get.

And this video demonstrates it all to perfection.

As Matthew Clarke and his spouse, Leila Harrison attempt to discuss important matters such as banking, schooling and dinner plans, their two children are constantly ruining the situation. They fight. They cry. They break things. They pee on books. They spray water everywhere. They require mum’s unwavering attention. They step all over dad.

It’s your pretty standard family situation, except the roles of Coco and Shephard are played by two middle-aged men.

And, as you can imagine, when two middle-aged men act like children, the situation is anything but usual.

convos wife2

Almost Adult Convos with My Wife is part of the Convos with my Four-Year-Old series, created (and starring the absolutely hilarious) David Milchard.

David, who plays the role of Coco, is joined by Michael P. Northey, who plays three-year-old Shephard  – Michael is loud, bold and about 10 times the size of the real three-year-old, adding even more humour to the situations.

This isn’t the first time the Harrison-Clarkes have tackled a typical family dilemma in the most atypical way ever – check out our post on conversations with my daughter but with one twist. 

Sometimes, when it comes to parenting, all you can do is laugh. And the Harrison-Clarkes certainly know how to add a little bit of humour to every awkward parenting moment.

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