Hilarious reviews of the newborn experience


What if you could leave feedback about your life with a newborn baby. just like you do about the breakfast at your local cafe, so that others could decide if this is the right move for them? Would you give it one star… or five? Parenting blogger Rachel D’Apice has done just that, with hilarious reviews of newborn babies for the enjoyment of parents everywhere.

If you’ve ever browsed through YELP, Urban Spoon or Trip Advisor to see what activities, hotels and restaurants are worth checking out, then you have to read our favourite YELP reviews of newborn babies – the good, the bad, and the brutally honest.

Newborn review happy

These mock reviews come with various star ratings and even feedback from other reviewers. Be warned – the user experiences of newborn babies vary greatly and it does get a bit heated at times. But it’s all just a bit of fun, and 100 per cent made up!

Newborn review unhappy

Newborn review five star again

newborn review coverD’Apice, a comedian who writes funny parenting site The Ugly Volvo, created each review, including complete user profiles with fitting names like “SaveMePls”, “HavntSlept” and “KidsRMyJam”. Some of the reviewers are more than displeased with the ‘experience’ while others have enjoyed it thoroughly. There are even some reviewers returning for a second time, just like you do at a favourite cafe.

Newborn Review Five Star

Newborn review unhappy2

newborn happy fourth one

newbonr review reply

Newborn review second time around

D’Apice ends the post with her own review as UglyVolvBlog and her assessment is perhaps the only real glimpse into how she really would rate the newborn experience.

Newborn review Ugly Volvo

Everyone will have their own ‘review’ when it comes to the newborn experience. What would your review say? Tell us, then check out more hilarity at The Ugly Volvo.

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