Hilarious photos that show the everyday dramas with kids and sleep

Have a child that hasn’t quite nailed this whole “bedtime” thing? So do our readers. Come and have a peak at just what our readers’ children get up to rather than sleeping.

Sleep week is wrapping up and we want to thank our readers for tuning in and reading through all of our featured articles, tips and best finds of sleep-related products. At the start of the week we asked our Babyologists to submit their bedtime fails and we absolutely loved the responses!

Turns out, kids across Australia are choosing to use bedtime as a chance to party and falling asleep in the most inconvenient places at the most inconvenient times. Come and share a sleep-deprived giggle at our favourite reader submissions and have a look back at our most popular Sleep Week posts.

When your child will not sleep in her bed

toy basket bedtime

But prefers to sleep in the toy basket covered in a pile of stuffed animals.

When you wake up to find this face

staring bedtime

Clearly no one is allowed to sleep… ever.

When your child is fast asleep but you can’t leave her side…

izzy bedtime

In case she suffocates from all the stuffed animals and blankets that adorn her sleep area.

When Minecraft wins

iphone bedtime

Sleep is out. Playing on the iPhone is clearly the better choice.

When your head is the best pillow in the world

head bedtime

Who needs sleep anyway?

When under the bed is the most logical place to sleep

under the bed bedtime

And you go through the inner battle with yourself whether to move her and risk waking her up, or just let her be (latter wins).

When a late night turns into an early day

jade bedtime

This is my daughter, Jade. Jade prefers to spend her nights annoying me and her days asleep under a tree at a popular swimming hole surrounded by tanning hungover backpackers.

Party on Jade.

My turn will come. Just you wait until you turn 13…

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newborn girl sleeping fb

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