The hilarious (and oh-so-relatable) reason Bec Judd wore her baby’s nappy

Woman covering crutch, needing to use bathroom

Bec Judd gets real about the joys of motherhood, sharing a near-miss EVERY new mum can relate to!

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go

Bec Judd seems to be winning at parenting on every front so far as a mum of four delicious kids… but this little anecdote just goes to show she’s as human as the rest of us. 

When it comes to needing to pee in the weeks after giving birth, most mums know that the old “I’ll just hang on til I get home” rarely ends well. In fact, it often ends up looking a bit like…

It can take some time to build the pelvic floor back up to strength after the beating it has taken during pregnancy and birth! As poor Bec found out the hard way.

“Oh my God, it’s actually about to come out”

Sharing the story on KIIS FM’s 3pm Pickup, the 34-year-old recounted a time when her post-natal bladder got the better of her, just weeks after the birth of her daughter, Billie, now three years old.

Making a ‘quick trip’ into the city when little Billie was just a couple of weeks old, Bec found herself busting for the loo as she left, but had already strapped Billie into her carseat. She made the fateful decision to just wait until she got home, “not really thinking ‘you’ve just pushed a baby out of there and your pelvic floor’s not as good as it used to be’”, she says.

“I sit in the driver’s seat and I’m like ‘oh my God, it’s actually about to come out’. I can’t hold this in, I’m so post-natal,” she shared.

A moment of genius

Bec had to use some magical mummy ingenuity to get herself out of this pickle! Her solution? A nappy, of course!

“Luckily I had a spare nappy in the glove box, so I just whacked it on… and away we went!”, clarifying that she had to ‘scooch’ down in her seat to avoid being seen while she slipped the nappy down her maternity jeans and positioned it in her undies. Good thinking, mama!

“And may I just add,” she noted. “Those Huggies nappies are so absorbent. No spills, no leaks, no worries.”

Bec’s now thinking her tip could save many a mum from embarrassment, insisting, “Hey, this could really take off!”.

Have you ever been caught out by your traitorous pelvic floor? Maybe this cheeky trick might get you by next time? One can only hope you don’t need it! (And godspeed, mama).

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