Hilarious hair style moments all mums can relate to

We all know the look – unruly ponytails, sneaky greys coming through, frizzy stowaways that won’t be tamed. Come and have a laugh as we share our readers’ photos of their misadventures in mastering the fine art of mum hair.

mum hair meme1

Last month we shared with you seven hair styles that you’ve most likely mastered as a mum, from The Chop to the always popular Mum Bun, and we were showered with comments about the growing abundance of these popular styles. I’m sporting a mum bun as I type. And, no, I’m not planning on attending a ballet lesson any time soon.

We asked our brilliant Babyology readers and team to share their best ‘mum hair’ shots. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the hairy truth about what being a mum really looks like.

The “Throw it Up There and Get the Day Started” 

Method: Place all your hair on the top of your hand, and, using your teeth and your one free hand (the other one is most likely holding an infant), tie an elastic around your mop. Done.

mum hair readers 1

The “Trifecta”

Method: Combine dyed hair with overgrown roots and top with a few greys to master the mum balayage look.

reader hair 2

The “Me Time” 

Method: Schedule a hair appointment. Get a babysitter. Have babysitter cancel at the last minute and enjoy a two hour hair appointment with a hungry toddler wriggling on your lap.

reader hair 5

The “Treatment”

Method: Ensure child picks up head lice from daycare or school. Don matching shower caps to keep treatment in place. Repeat frequently (until child leaves school).

mum hair reader 10

The “Frozen”

Method: Allow your daughter to do your hair. Expect one plait (like Elsa) or two (like Anna).

reader hair 4

The “Doc Brown”

Method: Shower in five minutes. Do nothing else and hope for the best. No DeLorean required.

reader hair 3

The “Well at Least Her Hair Looks Adorable”

Method: Make a concerted effort in the morning to do your daughter’s hair. Check the clock and discover you are extremely late and throw your own hair into the infamous mum bun. Let your daughter accessorise with different coloured bows for different days of the week. Let yourself accessorise with a new hair elastic you found on the floor of the bathroom after you lost the first one.

readers hair 6

The “This is the Closest I’m Going to Get to a Hair Salon”

Method: Add one box of Schwarzkopf hair dye, one bottle of wine and one best friend. Combine ingredients until hair is bleached and wine bottle is empty.

mum hair reader 9

The good thing about being a parent is that you do have a pretty decent excuse for why your hair looks, like, well… like you’ve been up all night. Most likely, you have been.

The even better news is that there are simple ways to uncover your hair happiness and banish those unruly bad hair days with minimal time and effort. It only takes a few minutes and a few key products.

Find your hair happiness with Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf’s hair products let you care for your hair without huge outlays of time, effort or money. You may be surprised how just a little love can make all the difference to your locks – even on minimal sleep!

For some quick, easy tutorials on how to get your hair looking fabulous in five minutes or less, with minimal product and fuss, check out our mummy hair hack video tutorials.

(This is a sponsored post for Schwarzkopf)

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