Hilarious Bonds Father’s Day video puts a gutsy spin on becoming a dad

Think about Dad. That’s what Bonds is asking us mums to do in a unique video that reverses the roles and takes the mickey out of just how hard pregnancy and childbirth is… on men.

It’s a good thing we mums have a sense of humour. And it’s an even better thing that Bonds knows it.

Bonds is all about the clever campaigns these days and we are loving their latest video showcasing a bunch of blokes in Bonds undies (and nothing more).

The video, which is part of their Father’s Day campaign, focuses on a group of men discussing the trials and tribulations of becoming new parents – the need to feed (sorry, we mean eat) every two hours, the loss of the pre-baby body, the stretch marks and the overwhelming envy of seeing other dads looking perfect only days after bringing bub home.

The near-nakedness of the men, combined with the sad music and the absolute ridiculousness of the whole thing makes for a perfect parody video.

Well played Bonds. Well played. Sure, we’d have been happier if you cast Chris Hemsworth and David Beckham as the sad dads on the couch, but that’s okay Bonds.

Maybe next time.

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