Hilaria Baldwin’s upside-down bendy mumming has us rethinking our parenting

pregnant yoga Hilaria Baldwin

We figured we had this mum thing kind of nailed, but then we noticed Hilaria doing all this fancy stuff and we’ve suddenly got the urge to shake things up(side down!)

Moves like Hilaria

You probably know that author and wellness ambassador Hilaria Baldwin is married to Alec Baldwin, and that the pair share three lovely kids together. What you may not know – unless you follow her on Instagram like we do – is that Mrs Baldwin approaches mum life from a completely different perspective than most.

Sometimes she’s horizontal (we can relate!) Sometimes she’s vertical (less easy!) Other times she’s pretty much a rhombus (we admit we’ve never tried!)

The enduring all the time theme is that a conventional approach is not for Hilaria, that she prefers to see the world from a different angle, while wearing stretchy pants… Take a peek and see!

(Jokes aside, it’s obvious that this hilarious family love each other to bits and we are super impressed with/possibly jealous of Hilaria’s bendy and bean-filled moves! We are yoga-ing with our vacuum as we speak, even!)

Mum life with Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria ponders what to cook the kids for dinner

Hilaria knows how to do method acting – BE the coffee table book, Hilaria

Hilaria can do Kmart like this, if she wants to

Hilaria wondered why the other parents avoided her carpool day

Hilaria waited patiently for the floors to dry, post-mop

Hilaria misunderstood vacuuming

Hilaria tidies up toys better than us

Hilaria loves dusting

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1 month pregnant to 5.5 months! This body is transforming! People ask me all the time what is ok and not ok to do while pregnant. This depends on many factors: 1. Listening to your body and good self communication. This goes two ways: not doing too much, but not doing too little. This is a seemingly difficult balance to discover, but with practice, you get out of your mind and so in tune with your body. 2. Good communication with your doctor. I LOVE my doctor and have regular appointments with him to check in and get opinions on how the baby and I are growing and progressing. I trust him and he is my total guru. 3. Being aware of your starting point and your capabilities. I have been doing yoga and exercise for a long time, so I can continue while I'm pregnant. I NEVER do anything I don't completely trust myself with. It just isn't worth it. I definitely slow down as my pregnancy progresses. But it is so important to know that you are not all of a sudden broken or ill. You are still a strong body that is going through an incredible transformation to make another body. Need to keep your strength up! 4. It's about respecting the process. You never want to push yourself too much while pregnant–or not pregnant for that matter. When I find out I'm pregnant, it's a slowing down process that ends when I give birth and then starts to speed up again shortly after. Little by little, slow and steady always wins. So: feel it out, check in with a pro, discover if it is your mind holding you back or your body saying it's too much, and keep it up intelligently. The more you can stay you while pregnant, the faster you rebound. #366daysoflivingclearly #HilariaLCM

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Hilaria will make you a sandwich

Hilaria humours YOUR definition of “climbing the walls”

Hilaria bravely champions the wildly unconventional ‘formal pregnancy yoga’

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Getting towards the end of pregnancy, it is hard to stay fit. I worked out every day I was pregnant with Carmen, less with Rafa, and with this one….I REALLY have to get creative and make time. One of the things that I love about yoga is that all you really need is your body, so you can do it anywhere at anytime! I am working on getting a YouTube channel going so I can post videos for you. Probably I will start after the baby is born. As I have said before, I am a total failure when it comes to technology, so bear with me. In the meantime, check out my spread in @fitpregnancy for some tips, if you haven't already ❤️. Or check out the link in my profile to preorder my book…lots of exercises and recipes in there!!! ❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜 #366daysoflivingclearly #HilariaLCM #BaldwinBabyBump3 #hilariawritesabook

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Hilaria can flag you a cab

Hilaria can’t see Alec’s face, which is a shame, because LOOK AT IT

Hilaria indulges your more conventional ‘elephant in the room’

Hilaria wants to pour you a glass of wine

Hilaria opens the mail differently to us. And that’s okay.

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On days when I don't have time to exercise, I try to do little mini workouts while I'm working and doing my chores #366daysoflivingclearly #HilariaLCM #hilariaypd I bought this storage unit from @potterybarnkids and have been procrastinating putting it together. I'm pretty handy but I need little mental breaks, so I'll stop and do some abs for a few min, then resume, or stretch while drilling in a shelf. You don't have to do anything as crazy as this pose, but this is just a reminder to stay active throughout the day and to realize that little exercises add up. You can still be fit even if you can't get a long, proper workout in. Laundry, sitting at a desk, dishwashing, ironing, grocery shopping…you name it…you can always turn it into an opportunity for fitness!! 💪🏼

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Hilaria says ‘disaster’ we say ‘default’

Follow Hilaria on Instagram to (possibly) inspire a more bendy approach to mumming!


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