Hey Siri, call an ambulance! How modern technology saved a life

You hear it all the time, there’s an app for that and much eye rolling ensues. But when an app can save a life, that’s worth listening to. Apple’s very own Siri came to the rescue for one Aussie mum and it has us all singing the praises of today’s technology.

Aussie mum Stacey Gleeson, writer at The Military Wife blog, thanked Apple recently for playing a life-saving role in her one-year-old daughter Giana’s life. Unable to reach for her iPhone while performing CPR on Giana, Stacey remembered she had installed the handy Hey Siri function on her new phone when setting it up. This technology enabled Stacey to shout to her phone for Siri to be activated and to ring an ambulance. During what would be any parent’s nightmare, Stacey was then able to speak to an emergency services officer via speaker phone, all thanks to Apple’s Siri.

A must-have function for parents and users of Apple devices, Hey Siri lets you activate Siri on your iPhone or iPad with voice recognition – no pressing of the home button or password is required. It’s worth its weight in gold if you find yourself unable to physically hold your phone and ring emergency services. An unlikely superhero is Siri, but she sure delivers when needed!

(via 9to5Mac)

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