Hey Hey, Let’s Play with Naomi Young

Nay Nay - Hey Hey Let's Play

Music for kids sits somewhere along the spectrum from CDs mum wants to “lose”, to tunes we’ll listen to even when the kids aren’t around. Of course children love music all along that spectrum, from the annoying to the sublime, but it’s about what parents can tolerate. After all, who’s in charge? Hint: it’s not us.

With that rating system in mind, come check out the new album Nay Nay ‘Hey Hey Let’s Play’ by Naomi Young.

Nay Nay - Hey Hey Let's Play Cover

You and your kids might know her as Nay Nay, the ABC presenter and the puppeteer of Hootabelle on a little show called Giggle and Hoot. The celebrity cachet alone will get kids’ attention, but Naomi certainly doesn’t rest on her laurels. The original songs, written by Naomi in collaboration with big names in Australian music, are super energetic, catchy and great for getting everyone going in the morning.

The songs make reference to some fantastic music genres, which is usually the trick to getting adults on board. There’s punk rock in the title track Hey, Hey, Let’s Play!, ska in Louie the Dog and 80s hip hop in Cats and Dogs. Little Superstar, a pop song loosely based on Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is the stand out song and I’ve been humming it all day.

Nay Nay - Hey Hey Let's Play

The verdict? Well, earlier my boys were choreographing moves my eldest’s personal anthem My Brother Ate my Lego, and now that they’re napping, I’m happily listening to the CD on my own.

Nay Nay ‘Hey Hey Let’s Play’ is available from 7 August on CD or digital download.




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