Hero waiter takes toddler on “first date” so mum can enjoy her dinner

Pixie at Dough with waiter

A kind waiter has gone above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring his 2-year-old customer was entertained, and allowing her mum to enjoy a much-needed dinner out with friends.

“That beautiful man”

Mark Quinn waited on mum Katie Donaldson, daughter Pixie and her friends at UK pizza restaurant, Dough, when the group turned up for dinner over the Christmas break.

After he settled the group into their table and took their orders, it quickly became clear that toddler Pixie had taken a particular shine to Mark and his hospitable ways.

“I’m gossiping away with my buds and Pixie says, “Mummy, where’s that beautiful man gone?” Her words not mine!!!!!” Katie posted.

Pixie-sized, please

Katie told Pixie he’d be back very soon, and true to her word, the very friendly waiter returned with the little girl’s Mickey Mouse pizza, some “fizzy water” and the crayons she’d politely requested.

There was one problem, though. Mickey Mouse needed to be cut into Pixie-sized pieces. Katie set about preparing her toddler’s food the way she liked, but Pixie had other ideas and they did not involve her mother!

“Mummy no! I want the beautiful man to do it!” Pixie pleaded.

Katie assured the waiter that he did not need to cut the pizza up, that she could do it herself, but he happily obliged, even adhering to the 2-year-old’s quality-control requirements when the pieces were a little too big to be considered ‘Pixie-sized’.

Above and beyond

As staffing changes in the restaurant meant that Mark was moved to other tables, he kept popping back to make sure Katie and Pixie’s table had everything they needed.

“This guy came back to check on Pixie every 10 minutes. By this point he’s not even our waiter anymore,” Katie said.

Perhaps sensing Katie’s exhaustion and desperate hope that she might even get to eat and chat to her friends for a few minutes, Mark took matters into his own hands and offered a little respite.

“All this time my food is going cold, I’ve barely spoken to my friends whilst I’ve been picking up crayons and making sure she’s eating all her perfectly sized pizza, and low and behold over comes this hero who seemed to sense my hunger (perfect timing again!) and asks Pixie if she would like to eat with him at the next table,” Katie wrote.

Just add ice-cream

Hero waiter then took things next-level in the random acts of kindness stakes.

“If she didn’t already think he was wonderful enough, he then produces a bowl of ice cream and sits with her talking about her day while she gets ice cream EVERYWHERE. He laughs at her silly faces and doesn’t once complain at the mess,” Katie posted.

The kindness this busy waiter showed, and the time he spent interacting with Pixie, really made a big difference to Katie’s day.

The little things count

“It might not seem like a lot, but that 10 minutes with my friends was heavenly. My food was still hot (ish!), no drinks got spilt which is a record, all toddler meltdowns were avoided, and most of all my little girl had the biggest smile on her face all night,” she said.

“Thank you to the waiter at Dough, for taking my 2 year old on her first date, thank you for letting a busy mum have her dinner in peace, thank you for making sure my little one felt like a Princess, and thank you for going above and beyond your job for a little girl who you’ve never met before.”

Katie shared her story on Facebook to remind us that not only are there wonderful people in the world, but that the little things we do for one another really are the big things.

“In this miserable time there are still people who make the world a better place, even if it’s just for 10 minutes at a time.”


Postscript: Through Katie’s post, she was able to make contact with Mark and thank him properly, and he was able to see the big impact his kindness made.

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