Here’s what your favourite celebrity parents and kids were doing over Christmas

Chris Hemsworth and the Legend family

Perhaps you’ve dared to tear your eyes away from social media for a few days, as you reconnect with friends/family/a giant pink pool flamingo? No matter, because we’re here to catch you up on what was happening while you were occupied with the real world. You’re welcome.

Khloe Kardashian

After sharing her baby bump in very open and sparkly style on Christmas Eve, 6-months-pregnant Khloe’s been clapping back at the haters who are taking her to task for working out during her pregnancy. It’s Khloe’s first experience of mummy shaming and we are certain it won’t be the last because some people are monsters.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were jetting off to Tokyo when it was discovered that a passenger on their plane did not even have a valid ticket, resulting in the flight being turned around four hours out of LA. Chrissy tweeted the whole thing and the couple landed safety back in LA after the worst eight hour joyride ever. You really need to read the whole thing on Chrissy’s Twitter.  The couple spent their Christmas somewhere very rocky and canyon-y, with daughter Luna.

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Merry Christmas!

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Drew Barrymore

Drew shared an adorable shot of herself and daughters Olive and Frankie, in front of a very twinkly and very epic Christmas tree. Her Instagram also reveals she’s spending the holidays skiing with her kiddos and the clip she shared proves she’s every mum when her kids learn something new.

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Chris Hemsworth

Mr Hemsworth is home and obviously choosing not to work through his chores during the Christmas break. Instead, he’s been really busy doing Thor-ish things – like riding on a very, very tiny clown quad bike. Random punters live in hope, though, apparently queuing down his driveway, in the hopes that Chris will clean the gutters/switch to a ride-on mower next. Also this:

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Whatever ( @jasonsmith84 directorial debut)

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Lindy Klim

Lindy Klim took some serious steps towards passing the social media baton to her daughter, Frankie, uploading this very inspiring beauty inspiration to Instagram yesterday.  Who knew that Scribble Face was the new contouring? Lindy knew, that’s who. Or maybe Frankie knew. We’ll let you be the judge.

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Summer 🌴

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Roxy Jacenko

Roxy got her boobs burnt while holidaying with the fam, and we’re here to tell you that this kind of sunburn does some pretty savage damage to the delicate décolletage and we hope she goes to the dermatologist quick smart because a) melanoma and b) potential lizard skin. Also décolletage is a very fancy word.

Kim Kardashian's stock

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian celebrated Christmas with the whole Kardashian clan (minus Caitlin and Tristan, from what we can see) and apart from appearing in about eleventy billion Snapchats/Stories with North and co, she showed off her gift from Kanye – around $300 000 in shares. So romance. Much dollars.

Jamie Oliver pie buffet

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver did not festively disappoint, revealing his family dined on a sort of pie buffet type situation over the break and confirming that we did not know that pie buffets were even a thing. One of the pies had little Christmas trees baked into the side of it and we felt instantly sad that we had never eaten such a thing.

Sam Wood and baby Willow

Sam Wood

Sam was not going to let a little bit of turkey slow him down, uploading a video of himself working out with his tiny baby girl, Willow, instructing her on the proper form for an aqua-squat. Willow seemed much more interested in trying to chew the string off her bonnet, and who can even blame her?

Kristen Bell jigsaw obsession

Kristen Bell

Kristen revealed she was doing YET ANOTHER FREAKING jigsaw puzzle and we have to wonder if this is some kind of cry for help. From what we can gather this is the 95th puzzle she’s completed in the last four days and we’re kind of worried, not gonna lie.

Jessica Alba

Despite our best efforts and our habit of tragically refreshing her Instagram feed approximately every 12 minutes, Jessica Alba did not have her baby over the Christmas break. As disappointing as this was for us, it’s probably excellent for the child in question who may be trying valiantly to make an appearance in January and thus avoid the dreaded Christmas Birthday – where people just think it’s okay to buy you one freaking present to cover both dates. Nicely played, baby. Nicely played.

Turia Pitt

Turia Pitt and Michael Hoskin celebrated their first Christmas as parent sharing this photo of themselves cuddling their tot, and honestly giant tears rolled down our cheeks because it’s such a lovely thing. #Sniffle #Sob

We hope you’re having an excellent Christmas break with your nearest and dearest!

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