Here’s to Mother’s Day the Babyology way part three – it’s all about you so get pampering

Blue Berry Torte robe and Vanilla Kisses night slip Cake Maternity lingerie

I’m not sure which advertising bright spark came up with the idea that mums want kitchen appliances for Mother’s Day but it certainly caught on – every second advertisement I see at the moment is about ‘making her day’ with a blender or an iron. I’m fairly certain that I’m not only speaking for myself when I say bypass the appliances and think pampering to make my day.

Eight years ago when I bought my first maternity bra the choice of colour was beige, cream or white. The sales assistant looked surprised when I asked for black (too racy?!). Times have changed and new mothers have a vast array of colours, styles and patterns to choose from. Find lingerie that is pretty and demure at Cache Coeur (below), sexy but practical at Bling Angels (above) and simple and super comfortable at Nearly Nude.

We have reviewed delicious Cake maternity lingerie before on Babyology – the range is sublime and they have lots of new treats for expectant mums. Try to resist Cake’s superb collection of sleepwear, just right for lounging about on Mother’s Day (shown at top). The Blue Berry Torte ruffled robe and pant set combines comfort and elegance and the Vanilla Kisses night slip puts the vroom back into maternity (and to think I made do with one of my husband’s old, now very stretched, tees). The robe is $99.90 and the night slip is $219.90.

We all know skin can do strange things when you’re pregnant. One minute it is dry, the next you’re comparing it to a Bass Strait oil rig… And then there are stretch marks. Help is at hand. There is a number of gentle, luxurious skin care ranges suited for use during pregnancy and beyond. Belli offers a wide range of products suitable for pregnancy, mothers and baby’s delicate skin, Mum To Be has a collection of products that soothe common pregnancy complaints and Mamma Mio features revolutionary products such as ‘Boob Tube’ (a push-up bra in a cream). For Mother’s Day, we love the Belli Pampering Box ($88.95) and the Mama Mio Congratulations Kit ($99.99).

Unquestionably one of my favourite gifts to receive is a visit to a day spa for a facial, massage, manicure or other such indulgence. Sure, it’s a gift that may only ‘last’ one hour but it is a truly blissful hour and for any mother some quiet time and some serious pampering will always be well received. Endota Day Spas are located in most Australian states and offer a sublime list of treatments from soothing Billabong Footbaths to skin-firming Clay Cocoons. Endota also offers a range of packages including a ‘Girls Day Out’ (make a date with your mother’s group, champagne is included) and the ‘Pregnancy Pick-Me-Up’.

My hairdresser (who for the record is young, gorgeous and without children) recently told me that her sister had just had a baby and that she was horrified that her sister was stepping out each day looking a complete mess. I knew where the sister was at. When my babies were newborns it was a major achievement to manage a shower before midday, let alone blow dry my hair. So though my hairdresser felt that her sister might like baby clothes as a gift, what she really needed was a Keratin hair treatment. A Keratin treatment delivers up to four months of glossy, smooth, ‘just-blow-waved’ hair with minimal effort. Apart from the hours saved battling your hair dryer or straightening iron, we all know that feeling our best and looking our best go hand in hand. At least when you step out with baby spew on your trackie, you’ll have fabulous hair! Keratin treatments are available at salons Australia-wide and cost approximately $400.

If you feel the time has come to ditch the trackie but you’re not sure where to start, professional help is available. I distinctly recall wailing to my husband that I had “nothing to wear” after our first baby was born. Yes, my wardrobe was chock full, but business suits, heels and shirts that needed ironing were not what I needed as a full-time mum. Smitten With Style is a Sydney-based personal stylist and shopper (with interstate trips to Melbourne and Brisbane every second month) who has years of experience helping mums of all shapes, sizes and budgets find a kid-friendly wardrobe to suit their bodies and their lifestyles. Given that the service includes a shopping trip, it’s a fantastic Mother’s Day indulgence.

Glamour Mumma maternity dress

For pregnant mums who want to glam up for a special night out, feel truly fabulous with a little help from Glamour Mumma. Glamour Mumma is a maternity clothing hire service, based in Melbourne, that specialises in ‘after five’ maternity wear. Frock up and have some fun!

Start leaving big hints or spoil yourself and have a very happy Mother’s Day.

Katrina Whelen

Katrina studied planning and design, did the hard yards working in a big office building and then traded it all in for a relaxing (!) life at home with four children. She now fills her time with writing, completing a degree in genetics and taxiing her children around Melbourne to their various sporting commitments (not necessarily in that order).

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