Here’s cheers to healthy hydration for pregnancy and beyond!

Growing and feeding a baby is thirsty work. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could know that what you’re drinking has been designed especially with you and your growing baby in mind? Consider this bottle of goodness the answer to your prayers, mums-to-be and ladies with babies. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some real mums had to say about aquamamma.

You’ve already heard us wax lyrical about aquamamma – the delicious drop created by Sydney obstetrician Dr Rob Buist with the prime objective of helping to keep pregnant and breastfeeding women hydrated. Low in sugar and sodium, with added folic acid, it’s designed to help keep mums feeling good, even if they’re experiencing morning sickness.

We thought it was high time that we gave some mums a chance to put it to the test, so here’s what our four testers had to say:


With a toddler and breastfeeding bub to keep happy, Natalie was keen to road test aquamamma and its ability to keep her hydrated and feeling good while on the go.

She found the lemon flavour refreshing, and not too sweet. “I liked the taste and found aquamamma very easy to drink.”

Natalie said she’s likely to recommend aquamamma to her pregnant and breastfeeding friends.

“I’m more likely to choose to drink this over other drinks because of the added vitamins and electrolytes. I’m constantly thirsty while breastfeeding and this really helped. A sports drink for mums!”


This busy mum is balancing a demanding career, and a breastfeeding 18-month-old, with Laina admitting she often forgets to drink and eat properly.

“I’ll often find myself ravenously thirsty at the end of the day and realise I haven’t had any water to drink all day, which can’t be good for my brain function or milk supply!”

While trialling aquamamma, Laina had a bottle in her handbag to make sure she stayed on top of her thirst while rushing in and out of meetings.

“All the flavours taste great, but I personally like the lemon as it’s very subtly sweet, and I don’t usually drink flavoured drinks.

“I really wish I’d found this when I had a newborn, as I remember constantly getting thirsty and hungry while feeding and never getting the chance to drink properly.”



Karen loved her orange aquamamma so much, she’s happily recommending it to her friends.

“aquamamma is quite refreshing and all three flavours were great. You definitely feel more hydrated and I have already told my pregnant friends about it.”

You can buy it directly from the aquamamma® website and in leading pharmacies.

(This is a sponsored post for aquamamma®)

® AQUAMAMMA is a registered trade mark.

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