Here kitty, kitty – a mum’s stunning photographic tribute to her boys & their cats

cat and toddler sleeping


I firmly believe the world is made up of two types of people. Dog lovers and cat lovers. I fall into the former category, but my sons have been begging me for a cat. And it’s images like this that have me purring like a kitten: these are simply gorgeous photos of three brothers and their cats. 


Photographer Beth Mancuso set about capturing her sons’ relationships with the family’s two Ragdoll cats, Lucy and Irie. The results, even if this dog-lover says so, are really moving.


Beth has now been taking photos of her boys and their cats for two years. She says the images are a mixture of real-life moments and others she has composed.


She’s hoping to continue the project until either the boys leave home, or the cats do.


Beth says, “Each boy shares a different relationship with the cats. My oldest son is by far the most obsessed with the cats. He tries to smuggle one in to his bedroom every night. His love for cats goes beyond just our two cats… For his fourth grade history project he chose Bill Clinton because he had a cat named Socks.”


Beth says the cats are gentle, and forgiving with the boys: “Lucy is our dog/cat, she begs for food, likes belly rubs, and wants to be near you at all times. Irie is the playful fun one and is often a playmate for my youngest son when his brothers are off at school.”


I love how Beth described cats, it seems an apt summary (even for a dog-lover):

“Cats aren’t always the easiest animals to love. Anyone can love a dog but loving cats takes patience and compassion, and it is my hope that my boys are learning both these things from our beloved cats.”


You can follow Beth’s boys and their cats by following her on Instagram.


(via Bored Panda)

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