Helpful or horrible – would you pin this note to your door after arriving home with baby?

You’ve come home from hospital with your new baby and all of a sudden you’re not getting your meals delivered to your bedside, there’s no nurses to come running at the press of a buzzer and it’s blatantly clear that this is how it’s going to be from here on in. This is it. You and your child. Forever and ever.

So when the messages from friends and family start to chime in and the “when can we come and cuddle the baby?” questions begin, you’re going to be in one of two camps. Invite all an sundry into your home and go with the flow, or clam up, start to panic and politely put people off visiting until you feel like you’ve got your act together (which could be after a few days or a few months).

tired parents with newborn

I was in the first camp. I was so proud of my little bundle that I couldn’t wait to show her off. Yes, I was half asleep, still in PJ pants with unwashed hair and sitting amongst a pile of laundry and dishes, but I was thrilled everyone else was legitimately excited enough to want to come and see her.

So when I saw this note given to a mother in the US from her team of midwives, I was undecided if I’d actually pin it on our own front door at home after having a baby. Would you? Have a read to make up your own mind:

“The family is focused on falling in love and learning to care for this new person, while also recovering from labor and birth. You can help the family by recognising the value of this unique time and maximising their time together in the loving presence of their new baby,” the note says. “In these first few weeks, rest and relief from the responsibilities of daily life are essential to recovery and building good milk supply.”

Advice includes leaving details of the real world outside the door, limiting visits to 15 minutes and bringing food with you (but don’t plan to stay to eat), keeping any siblings busy by taking them to a park or another room and offering to sweep the floor, take out the garbage or do the dishes. “Give them some space now, but don’t forget to come back! They will appreciate your ongoing support over the next weeks and months,” the note reads.

midwife note

Is it actually the most wonderful thing ever to give to a new mum or just plain rude? Everyone’s birth and therefore recovery is different so I think it might work for some and not for others. I don’t think I would have stuck it to my door. Your visitors should be close enough to you to understand if you have to tell them you’ve had enough and need to crawl back into bed, so I think it’s unnecessary. Do you? We’d love to know what you think.

(via Made For Mums)

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