Help Harris attend The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre – 20c to his family for every new Facebook like in March

We’ve supported larger charities over the years and now it’s time to zero in on one precious little boy – Harris Kosmatos – and his family, who need our help.

Four-year-old Harris lives with his mum and dad, Christa and Alex, and baby sister Anastasia in Melbourne. He was born with a chromosomal deletion problem which has caused his cerebral palsy as well as global developmental delay. This darling little boy faces a host of other challenges too, such as feeding and growth problems and respiratory and vision issues. His treatment involves a stream of constant tests, specialist appointments, twelve hours of oxygen each day and permanent antibiotics.

Most of us can only imagine the impact of this on a young family, who want to do the very best by their gorgeous son (those huge brown eyes are incredible!) and offer him the best treatment available. Christa and Alex received the wonderful news that Harris has been accepted into a two-year program at the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC), yet with the family’s costs mounting for the range of treatment he needs, coupled with the huge expense of the program, it’s clear Harris needs our help. He’s an amazing kid to have endured all this in just four years of life. His family and friends are devoted to him, with a friend of Christa’s contacting us to share Harris’ story.

We thought we’d ask our vast Babyology community to see what we can do together to help Harris’ family keep him in the vitally important program at CPEC. There is no other centre like it in all of Australia, with its specialised programs and therapists who are internationally recognised as some of the most successful at giving children with CP the chance to live as independently as possible.

It costs some $19,000 each year for a child to participate in Learning for Life education programs from CPEC. The centre receives about $7000 per child  in government funding, with parent fees, donations and fundraising needed to meet the $12,000 shortfall. This huge financial burden falls on CPEC families every year, along with the purchase of specialised equipment the children need to assist walking, eating and communicating.

If you are interested in finding out more about CPEC and the amazing job they do, please check out their website.

Giving back is an incredibly important part of our ethos at Babyology. Last August we donated $1200 to HeartKids Australia and in September we auctioned off a Bugaboo Donkey, donating the proceeds to the Global Fund’s vital work in Africa to stem mother-to-child transmission of AIDS. Then in December we gave $1800 to The Smith Family.

This time, we want to help a family directly and we’re delighted to be helping the Kosmatos family for treatment of their little boy Harris. For every new like on Facebook in March, we’ll give twenty cents to the Kosmatos’. You can help by sharing this post with your Facebook friends, your real-life friends and everyone else you know. Ask them to like Babyology’s Facebook page and help a family’s hopes and dreams for their little boy come true.

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